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Deltic- Manufacturer and Supplier of Battery Operated Rickshaws

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Battery Operated Rickshaws

One of the Finest Manufacturers of E-Rickshaws

Deltic has become a renowned and an ultimate manufacturer and supplier of battery operated rickshaws. It has earned the trust of people in India with its fine quality of supplies and manufacturing. E-rickshaws manufactured by Deltic, can be afforded by a common man too. They are priced reasonably, accessible, easily available and most of all they require very low maintenance.

Driving an E-Rickshaw is not expensive as it entirely functions on battery and therefore, cuts down the costs of petrol/diesel. Deltic is a supreme manufacturer and supplier of battery operated rickshaws. Its battery lasts upto ten hours a day and is designed with a lot of comfort, safety and luxury for both, the driver as well as the passenger.

Deltic – The Trusted One for E-Rickshaws

Deltic has spaced out all over India. It is designed flawlessly and even protects the driver and passenger from harsh monsoon weather. Deltic being one of the finest supplier and manufacturer of battery operated rickshaws strives to be an eco-friendly innovation idea. It is to curb air and noise pollution on the roads of various cities and states.

It has become a good option nowadays in the business of battery operated rickshaws. It is easy to deal with them and they even provide after sale services to their customers. As a manufacturer and supplier of battery operated rickshaws its prime and major concern is that of safety. It designs its rickshaws in a way that are safe with thick tyres, thick suspension and hand-break on the side  of the driver.

It is convenient for the passenger as well as the driver in terms of investment. The fare for a short distance in an E-Rickshaw is about Rs.10 for 1-2 kms. Deltic as a manufacturer and supplier of battery operated rickshaws has ensured that E- Rickshaws become  another means of transport which is comfortable and quick!

This E-Rickshaw dealership can help boost the employment opportunities and financial conditions for the lower section of the society. It strikes a pretty good deal for both, driver and passenger in the long run with only one-time investment!

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