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Benefits of E-RICKSHAW

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E-Rickshaws or battery operated rickshaws are now trending among the vehicles on road. Initially launched globally in 2008, it saw its opening into India in 2011. Mainly introduced over the environmental issues of the toxic release of diesel-run vehicles, E-Rickshaw saw its developments varying from its structure to its performance, thus available at a cheaper rate and more efficient than before. There were many changes in rules regarding its persistence in the streets, starting from the regulation of battery operated vehicles under the Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989, to the penalization of E-Rickshaws due to ineffective licenses. But it saw its way overlooking these problems and became an irreplaceable vehicle under the department of public transportation.

Reasons for successful market capture

The primitive reason for the improvement in the E-Rickshaw manufacturing began with the issue of pollution level increasing, especially near the capital. This led to the innovation of a battery operated rickshaw which was eco-friendly, not leaving any carbon footprints on the earth. Inventions played their part in the development of the E-Rickshaws as a major, but with the governmental policies favouring the battery operated rickshaws, it became very clear that the market of E-Rickshaw dealership would flourish in the near future.

Its economical price point is another advantage that has helped it survive the harsh conditions as less money for more travel will benefit the entire population to travel smoothly over distances. Being run from the battery system, E-Rickshaw is light-weight noise pollution free.

Battery operated rickshaws also help with providing livelihood to the weaker sections of the society which are deprived from the benefit of education. E-Rickshaws provide jobs to people who are not comfortable with the higher end of transportation, all thanks to the government policy of removing the restriction of the 8th pass to be considered eligible to drive battery operated rickshaws.

Not only creating jobs, E-Rickshaws also provide the opportunity to travel. In comparison with the manual rickshaws which require heavy physical labour of cycling, it provides a lot of comfort to the driver.

And finally, the development and demand of battery operated rickshaws in the market is its ability of customizability. E-Rickshaw manufacturers have developed a system of customizing the vehicle according to the location with features like curtains, rain shades, more seating, etc. Deltic, being a leader in providing options for customization makes different types of features available to an E-Rickshaw. This customization is available at very low initial cost which helps battery rickshaw manufacturers to generate more capital in comparison to the ivestment.

All the details about the working and structure of E-Rickshaws are discussed with special mention of the E-Rickshaw manufacturers & government doing their best to put this vehicle to higher standards. Battery operated rickshaws happen to an excellent choice among the other forms of vehicles present in the streets.

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