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E-Rickshaw in Delhi

With the current circumstances of increased pollution levels & experiencing the worst atmosphere cloud over the major cities of the country, there is a moderate shift towards the alternate source’s business like that of E-Rickshaw dealership. E-Rickshaws are one of the new products launched by the government under various policies supporting them to establish as a profitable in both capital investment & creating a healthy environment. E-Rickshaw in Delhi has been the prime motivation for the other cities to develop a public transportation system under the banner of ‘Make in India’ & increase the employment using the E-Rickshaw business.

Why be an E-Rickshaw dealer

One might wonder why to get into the E-Rickshaw dealership, what’s in it that would make it a profitable venture. It is clearly evident as to how the big cities are struggling with pollution and the government is taking strict action to overcome this problem by imposing regulations over the diesel-run vehicles. This leaves the E-Rickshaw as the prime source targeting in the public transportation department.

Not only concentrating upon the above factor, there are other factors governing the decision of taking up the E-Rickshaw dealership like the benefit of battery operated vehicle being eco-friendly, less expensive, no sound pollution, less maintenance cost, high-level safety. At last, the main factor can be mentioned as the fare & cost of the vehicle, i.e. the capital investment which is required to run the dealership business of E-Rickshaws. If quoting the data, it is notable that it is available at a price of 95,000 INR which is the half of that of diesel-run ones. And running with the fare of approximately 10 INR for 2-5km, battery operated rickshaw has become the important choice for traveling distances.

Detailed review of E-Rickshaw dealership in India

Before getting into any business, especially E-Rickshaw dealer in India, you have to get into the specifics about each & every detail as to what is present in each section of the electric rickshaw. The E-Rickshaw is basically built over a tubular chassis body of which the weight is kept minimum to increase the life of the battery, is an important component of the vehicle. The other important parts are the throttle, motor, controller & the harness of which there has to perfect balance else, the mismatch can cause problems in the long run, like reducing the performance.

Without risking the safety of the driver as well as the passengers, proper quality of steel must be used for the chassis of the vehicle. Even the low-quality steel might lead to corrosion affecting the longevity of the vehicle. The quality of the components cannot be compromised with for the manufacturing of the electric rickshaw and the E-Rickshaw dealer has to make sure that the maintenance cost is low thus ensuring a profitable business overall.

 Opportunities knocking the door

E-Rickshaw dealership in Delhi truly is a perfect plan to invest into. With low maintenance and almost negligible working capital, large returns can be expected n one-time-investment. The first option of being under the title of E-Rickshaw dealer is becoming a manufacturer & supplier. Stepping into the E-Rickshaw business can be started off by being the E-Rickshaw supplier in India. As the market for E-Rickshaw is growing at a very fast pace with the increase in demand, even with the support of the government, new opportunities are being created. Being noise-free, environment-friendly this product truly matches out the expectations of the general public and being an E-Rickshaw supplier truly pays off as the demands of this vehicle increases, there is an increase in its parts hence there will be exponential growth expected in the near future.

Apart from this strategy, without any prior investments, a person can truly rent out his/her own E-Rickshaw to a driver on a daily basis whom there is a genuine trust. This idea is the new invention being used in E-Rickshaw business in India as without doing anything; one can get a bit of the daily collection made by the designated driver without any extra efforts.

If there is a plan with large investments in E-Rickshaw dealership, you can plan to buy at-least 10 E-Rickshaws and could be regarded as an authorized distributor for an E-Rickshaw company. This way, you can get the dual benefits of being the E-Rickshaw dealer selling out the vehicle along with the opportunity of renting it out to drivers as discussed above.

Heading the E-Rickshaw business in Delhi

By the opportunities indicated previously, you can easily turn your ideas into reality. E-Rickshaw dealership in India is a business venture bearing fruits for the future with prominent support from the government by its policies. If compared with the diesel-run, the earning can be approximately 15000-20000 INR per month. Even with the policies of government like the Deen-Dayal E-Rickshaw scheme where the E-Rickshaw can be operated without any pre-testing required before getting on the roads; also benefitting by the boundation of Traffic Police fining the drivers for driving E-Rickshaws.

The E-Rickshaw dealership can be started with a small retail showroom to a bigger one based on the investment made, and additional income generated using the selling of spare parts in the same. The chances are various when talking about the battery rickshaw dealership; it’s just the time invested which is necessary to be successful.

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