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E-Rickshaws or battery operated rickshaws are now trending among the vehicles on road. Initially launched globally in 2008, it saw its opening into India in 2011. Mainly introduced over the environmental issues of the toxic release of diesel-run vehicles, it E-Rickshaw saw its developments varying from its structure to the performance, thus available at a cheaper rate and more efficient than before. There were many changes in the rule regarding its persistence in the streets, starting from the regulation of battery operated vehicles under the Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989, to the penalization of E-Rickshaws due to ineffective licenses. But it saw its way overlooking these problems and became an irreplaceable vehicle under the department of public transportation.

8 reasons for successful market capture

The primitive reason for the improvement in the E-Rickshaw manufacturing began with the issue of pollution level increasing, especially near the capital. This led to the innovation of a battery operated rickshaw which will be eco-friendly, not leaving any carbon footprint on the earth. Inventions played their part in the development of the E-Rickshaws to a large part, but with the governmental policies favouring the battery operated rickshaws, it became very clear that the market of E-Rickshaw dealership would flourish in the near future.

Economical is another advantage that will help it survive the harsh conditions as less money for more travel will not only benefit some section but will help all the population to travel smoothly over distances. Being run from the battery system, the whole functionality of the E-Rickshaw is light-weight and leads to the property of being free from noise pollution.

Battery operated rickshaws also help with providing the livelihood to the weaker sections of the society which are deprived from the benefit of education. E-Rickshaws provide jobs for even the people who are not comfortable with the higher end of transportation, all thanks to the government policy of removing the restriction of the 8th pass to be considered eligible to drive such battery operated rickshaws.

Not only creating jobs for the poor, E-Rickshaws too provide the luxury for the poor to travel in it as well. In comparison with the manual rickshaws which require the heavy physical labour of cycling, it provides a lot of comfort to the driver.

The last point responsible for the upbringing of battery operated rickshaws is the ability of customizability. The E-Rickshaw manufacturers have developed a system of customizing the vehicle according to the needs of the place where it has work, like features like curtains, rain shades can be added to provide more safety to the passengers and driver from the surrounding. Deltic, being a leader for providing options for the customization provides different types of features to be added to an E-Rickshaw. This customization available at very low initial cost helps battery rickshaw manufacturers to generate more capital for a particular product.

This property of customization helps to create more space for the passengers and additional seats can also be added to create more passenger carry capacity helping the E-Rickshaw driver to create more income.

Harsh realities of E-Rickshaw

Even with the aforementioned benefits of owning an E-Rickshaw, there are certain cons which have to be looked to have a clearer view of the situation. With the battery being used as the prime mover for the battery operated rickshaws, lesser speed is achieved and this leads to being an uncomfortable journey if you are traveling for long distances. Power generated by E-Rickshaw is also low which makes it unsuitable for the hilly & mountainous areas. With lesser power output, battery operated rickshaws face another issue of pick-up, they do not have a quick start to reach the speed required to travel distances.

To bear less damage to the battery, lightweight parts are used in the E-Rickshaws production, which makes it prone to more damage in case of an accident. Safety also becomes a reason to be looked upon as with less weight, there is more chance imbalance of E-Rickshaws which might be dangerous to the people sitting inside the vehicle.

Talking about the batteries used, they can be harmful in the rainy season as lead being the main material used in those batteries. E-Rickshaw is the best option being eco-friendly but the other way of seeing this might be the rise in pollution and cost as it is hosted over the alternate energy sources which are limited and very less capital is invested over this part of energy resources.

Battery operated rickshaws also require right E-Rickshaw manufacturer to be contacted to have a long-standing vehicle with fewer maintenance costs to borne by the owner. Maintenance is another factor to be seen as there is no greater development happened during past few times, so the maintenance is also an issue. E-Rickshaws contain higher standard parts used which need that many operations to be performed to clear out the problems present.

Decision is in your hands

All the details about the working and structure of E-Rickshaws are discussed with special mention of the E-Rickshaw manufacturers & government doing their best to put this vehicle to higher standards. Taking off alone all the disadvantages which the vehicle face as being non-effective over short trips of less traveling required, the battery operated rickshaws happen to an excellent choice among the other forms of vehicles present in the streets.

The innovation in the universe and with the developments in the scientific field, we too have to move along with new options available in the market and going along this idea, E-Rickshaw does prove to be an imminent part which is going to change the scenarios in the coming days.

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