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E-Rickshaw Dealership in West Bengal

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E-Rickshaw Dealership in West Bengal

E-rickshaw Dealership – A Small yet Revolutionary Business Idea

E-Rickshaw Dealership in West Bengal has become a part of eco-friendly innovation. Deltic aspires to be a part of such a change. Due to the rise in pollution levels, Deltic came up with a small yet revolutionary business idea of introducing its E-Rickshaw Dealership in West Bengal. It not only became a matter of convenience to the passengers but also helps in combating pollution. Deltic is India’s leading E-Rickshaw manufacturer and has earned the trust of people over a period of time. The E-Rickshaws are low maintenance and it reduces the cost of diesel and petrol as they run entirely on battery.

With Deltic’s E-Rickshaw Dealership in West Bengal, you can begin with low investment and enjoy higher returns in the long run. Deltic provides not only support while delivering you the vehicle but also supports you fully post the sale.

E-Rickshaw Dealership in West Bengal Made Easier

Deltic has made Dealership in West Bengal easier and profitable. As we are dealing with Deltic, which is renowned for its super fine quality and a good business option in West Bengal. A common man too can afford an E-Rickshaw at a reasonable rate. It is convenient for the passenger as well as the driver in terms of investment. The fare for a short distance in an E-Rickshaw is about Rs.10 for 1-2 km.It is comfortable to travel in E-Rickshaws as another means of transport nowadays, it’s comfortable and quick. It has protection for both driver and passenger, if and when it rains.

E-Rickshaws or Battery rickshaws by Deltic in its Dealership in West Bengal have an edge over its rivals because of its policy of eco-friendly innovation to curb air as well as noise pollution. These rickshaws are affordable and all in all a one-time investment and beneficial to both the parties, equally. This E-Rickshaw dealership in West Bengal can help boost the employment opportunities and financial conditions for the lower section of the society. These E-rickshaws have a flawless design and have a battery back-up of about ten hours which is a pretty good deal!

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