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Did You Know the Features of E-Rickshaw?

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E-Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi

Did you know that thousands of e-rickshaws that run in every nook and corner of the city have some cool features that you might never have heard of? It is true that e-rickshaws are convenient and affordable, but it has many more features to offer. Deltic is a leading E-rickshaw manufacturer in Delhi that has everything that you wished for in an e-rickshaw.

Let’s have a look at some of the features of the best E-rickshaw manufacturer in Delhi.


Safety is the prime focus of E-rickshaw manufacturers in Delhi. Deltic boasts of providing superior safety. It has a metal guard on the front panel and conveniently placed handbrakes. Also, the cold rolled steel bumper absorbs high impact collision.


Deltic can comfortably fit 4 passengers for a smooth ride. Even on longer journeys, you reach home more than satisfied.


E-rickshaw manufactures in Delhi need to reduce the environmental impacts because the city pollution has triggered the demand for eco-friendly e-rickshaw. Deltic e-rickshaw is designed for the future needs to create a pollution free living environment. Deltic aims to be the leader in green mobility.


A major part of the population is switching to e-rickshaw as an affordable means of transportation. Deltic is an E-rickshaw manufacturer in Delhi that lets you save more with every ride you take.

Flawless designs

Deltic is a name that is setting benchmarks in design and style. It has flawless exteriors that you can’t resist.  

Post-service support

The sales support team is easily approachable and deals with every dealer as per their needs and requirements. They are committed to providing high standards of reliability at every step.

Futuristic technology

Deltic is an E-rickshaw manufacturer in Delhi that stays ahead of time with its technically well-equipped electric vehicles. It uses top end technology to develop vehicles with an astonishing 25% more mileage.


Many posh localities of Delhi are switching to e-rickshaw because of the element of luxury involved in it. Deltic has a major role to play in this because the customers are accepting Deltic e-rickshaw as a status symbol in many cities.

Reduces congestion

Deltic e-rickshaw is small in size and suitable for Indian roads. If the passengers of private vehicles switch to e-rickshaw for everyday rides, it would help cut down a lot of traffic on the roads.

High income at less expenditure

Deltic e-rickshaw is a perfect alternative for those who desire to buy an e-rickshaw.  Deltic will greatly boost their monthly income. It does not require high-cost fuels and the operational expenses are considerably low.

Deltic is a leading e-rickshaw manufacturer in Delhi that stands out from the crowd and outshines other vehicles on the road.

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