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Find the Best E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi

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E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi

E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi are many, but keeping in mind Delhi’s ever-rising air pollution, we need an alternative that tackles it. E-Rickshaw can be the best alternative to petrol and diesel run vehicles that cause severe pollution. Also, e-rickshaws have given the means of livelihood to over 1 lakh people in Delhi. Every day lakhs of people choose an e-rickshaw as an affordable and convenient ride.

In this competitive era of plenty of E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi, the needs of the owner, the passenger and the environment should be taken care of.

Let us find the best E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi.


Deltic is a unit of Delta Auto Corp that covers a diverse range of transportation options specializing in electric rickshaws. It is the fastest growing business among the E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi. Deltic has introduced India’s first 5 battery E-Rickshaw. Their passion to revolutionize the transportation system is unmatched.

Flawless design and style is their USP. Deltic is a leading E Rickshaw Manufacturer in Delhi that is setting benchmarks in design and can outshine other vehicles on the road. It has finely designed cushioned seats and better seating space. It can comfortably accommodate 4 passengers and gives them maximum comfort even on longer journeys.  The metal guard on the front panel, superior quality tyres, and axle, conveniently placed handbrakes make it the safest on-road brand. It has a battery backup of 10 hours and runs up to 125kms in a single charge.

Deltic also promotes green mobility and cuts down severe pollution. Apart from the environmental impacts, E-Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi should cater to the needs of both the owner and common man. Deltic makes sure that the ride is economical for both. It lets you save more with every ride you take. The maintenance cost is considerably low and it eliminates the need for purchasing high-cost fuels. Deltic is ruling the roads and has become the best E Rickshaw Manufacturer in Delhi.

Deltic is a name that stays ahead of the future with its futuristic technology. It has made a mark as the Best E-Rickshaw Manufacturer in Delhi.

Udaan E-Rickshaw

Udaan is an E Rickshaw Manufacturer in Delhi engaged in manufacturing and supplying electronic rickshaws with various features and specifications. Their products include battery e-rickshaw, e-rickshaw loader, e-auto rickshaw, e-bike, e-scooter, e-car etc. Their services are extended in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Kolkata, Assam, and Maharashtra.

Shikara Corp

Shikara Corp. is a part of Success path Marketing Pvt. Ltd. That started manufacturing E-Rickshaw in the year 2013. They manufacture 3000 Rickshaws per month. They boast of providing the finest quality and high standards to their customers. Their vision is to go green and become the best E Rickshaw Manufacturer in Delhi.

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