What Is an Appropriate Cost of an E-Rickshaw Commonly Running in Delhi?

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It Is Not a Price War, It Is a “Value for Money” War for E-Rickshaws

One might get this impression that E Rickshaw manufacturers in Delhi have announced a price war to boost their sales and kill the competition. While checking the curve for the demand for E Rickshaw manufacturers in Delhi, it is seen that the demand is on the higher side. Now this gives rise to a question that why E Rickshaw manufacturers in Delhi are emphasizing on the prices of the E-Rickshaws. In order to find out an amicable answer, one should first try to figure out the average price of an E-Rickshaw as it is fixed by most of the E Rickshaw manufacturers in Delhi. One lakh rupees is the answer; but after the addition of the accessories, it can move up to one lakh twenty-five thousand as well.

Why Certain Companies Are Promoting Lower Prices?

The answer to this question is a question again, if some E Rickshaw manufacturers are quoting a low price then certainly there is a catch. Unlike the honest E Rickshaw manufacturers in Delhi, they are not disclosing the complete deal to you. Some E Rickshaw manufacturers in India are in a rush to attract a crowd; they are following the same policy of skimming the market. This is why, it is important to check the background of those E Rickshaw manufacturers in India before you make any choice. E Rickshaw manufacturers in India having a long-term business plan will never come up with low prices. On the contrary, those E Rickshaw manufacturers in India will either try to increase the price or they will try to keep the prices under an optimum bracket. You are aware of the optimum price bracket, the minima are one lakh rupees and the maximum is one lakh twenty-five thousand. Anything above it can be a phony deal made by any regular E Rickshaw manufacturers in Delhi. Anything below this signifies that the E Rickshaw manufacturers are lacking in the terms of quality.

Check the Quality of Components Before Making a Purchase?

Indian roads are notorious for the bumpy rides. They can cause tremendous wear and tear on any vehicle. The current generation of automobile manufacturers of the vehicles is aware of this fact. They are focusing less on the durability of the vehicle. Instead of the durability, they are bringing down the prices and focusing more on the fuel efficiency. E-Rickshaws are fuel-efficient vehicles; and when we compare the price of an E-Rickshaw with other options, we find that, it is on the lower side already. Durability is a big demand for this industry sector and it cannot be neglected. A particular class of E-Rickshaw manufacturers in India belongs to the “long-term” players in the market. Benchmark it with DELTIC; they are keeping the price of their E-Rickshaw under the periphery of maximum and keeping an eye on the durability by using best components. E-Rickshaw manufacturers selling their E-rickshaw at lower prices are actually using lower quality raw material and durability of these vehicles on Indian roads is always under doubt. It is a possibility that such E-Rickshaw may subject to more accidents because of the flaws in the design and it can invite more repairs and increase the maintenance cost for the owner.

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