What Is the Scope of Startup in Electric Vehicle in India?

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Electric Friendly Is Eco-Friendly India Having a Bright Future for Electric Vehicle Startup

The government of India and other agencies are looking at the growth of E-Rickshaw manufacturers as the grass root level for the development of the culture of electronic vehicles. All the big business rating agencies are closely looking at the sales patterns drawn by E-Rickshaw manufacturers in the states of India. Now, one might think that, why big agencies and the Government sector, especially surface transport ministry, is interested in this budding business of E-Rickshaw manufacturers. They are treating the footsteps of E-Rickshaw manufacturers as a case study. Agencies are listening to the woes of E-Rickshaw manufacturers very attentively. They are supporting E-Rickshaw manufacturers by giving them tax holidays. They are creating a positive business environment for E-Rickshaw manufacturers where they can create a parallel line of transportation ahead of the fossil fuel based options.

Because the Electric Friendly World Is the Eco Friendly World

In the year 2011, both India and China refused to sign a treaty related to the use of fossil fuels and switch over to non-conventional sources of energy like electricity for automobile vehicles. Now Beijing and New Delhi are forced to follow the rule of “odd and even” because the levels of pollutions have reached to a new high in these cities. The promotion of E-Rickshaw manufacturers in their cities is now creating a parallel line. Officially, they are not declining fossil fuel based transportation; however, they are creating a market space with the help of a cheaper option. The Government sector has a soft corner for the business of E-rickshaws; they want a proliferation in this field. Many entrepreneurs are looking at it as a great opportunity.  They want to enjoy the tax holidays. It is needless to say that the business of E-Rickshaws is also running in a business environment supported by the external factors quite impressively.

Time Is Just Right to Launch E-Rickshaw Based Startups in India

Most of the E-Rickshaw manufacturers are thriving on the point that it is an industry sector with no big investments. All the components are available in the market. Just come up with an attractive design to ensure maximum ergonomics and you are home with a nice product. Many startups have come up with some nice options where they try to experiment with the business models; however, things never worked well for them, because the infrastructure for the fuel refilling was missing from the deal.

E-Rickshaw Manufacturers Are the Pioneers!

The success or failure story of the E-Rickshaw manufacturers will serve as a lesson for the people designing future startups in India. The reason is quite simple; the world is gearing up for the next level of the automobile revolution, and this revolution will strike in the form of electric automobiles. Most of the entrepreneurs want to use the facilities connected to E-Rickshaw as the launching pad of their startup. In the coming year, the Government of India is planning to open more than 500 electricity charging centers in various localities. This is only a beginning in phase one. E-Rickshaw manufacturers will serve as the party that will get some benefits out of the endeavor.

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