We aim to actively shape the future of mobility in India, while safeguarding it sustainably – with our appealing portfolio of Smart, Affordable & Reliable Electric Vehicles


We want to make the automobiles cleaner, quieter, more intelligent and safer. With our impressive and forward-looking range of Electric vehicles we have set ourselves the goal of continuing to excite our customers and to meet their diverse needs.

About Us

With a small thought to change something the foundations of Delta Autocorp Pvt. Ltd. were laid, and this has now manifested into a passion to transform the whole transportation system and the way we commute. With a very diverse and growing pan India dealership network we have already earned one of the highest market shares with the first product - E-Rickshaw. Our R&D division is reinforced with the on-ground insights to architect the mission of evolving the transportation ecosystem while adhering to the principle of building 'people's products.

We have achieved our first milestone by becoming one of the highest market shareholders with our Deltic Commercials (E-Rickshaws/E-Loader/E-Garbage Van) and Deltic Passengers (High Speed and Low Speed Electric Scooters). We are on the verge of launching our next generation of product range i.e. Electric Autos, High Speed Electric Bikes and Motorcycles.

We believe that employees make the company reach its desired results, hence we have special focus on nurturing each and every employee with their interests and their passions. As a company can be successful when each and every employee of the company works passionately towards in achieving their common goal.

CEO’s Desk


We are a group of technocrats with a firm commitment to quality and a thought to change the way future generations will commute. Our company is made up of great people who are crazy for innovations and have an inexhaustible appetite to bring change.

I want to sincerely thank each one of you who have been associated with us in any form since start and have made a huge impact to our success till date. I look forward to each one of your co-operation to make this continued journey of success into something our future generations will reckon with.

Ankit Agarwal


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