New Developments In EV 2021

The adoption of EVs in our day-to-day life is becoming a reality faster than ever. With the fast pace world and rapid developments in technology around us, we have to switch to renewable and much efficient energy sources at the earliest. Conventional sources aren’t going to last long, and it’s better if we all understand this and play a pivotal role in the early adoption of Electric Vehicles. 

It was not long ago when the emergence of EVs was first felt. Even though the first-ever electric vehicle was designed somewhere in the 1800s. Electric vehicles for commercial purposes have become a reality in recent years. With the upcoming latest technology in the renewable sector, companies like Tesla, Toyota, Honda and many more are ready to build and sell EVs for commercial purposes. 

Today’s article is dedicated to those developments which are going to be introduced soon or have been already implemented. This article also covers points that are under research and almost ready to come on the road within the next few years. 

Upcoming developments in EVs

Energy efficiency

Batteries are the most important part when we talk about 2 and 3 wheeler EVs. The level of importance is so high that sometimes, the price of the battery itself reaches 30-40% of the EV’s price. Now, when we are talking about the charge and the features, what matters the most is that we must have a smooth ride with no charging requirement in between. For that purpose, companies are constantly developing their technology to increase the mileage of their batteries; the revolution started with Lead Acid Batteries, transitioning to Lithium-Ion Batteries and now the latest being Lithium Phosphate Batteries. Recently a battery science company based in the US developed a breakthrough tech where they powered their vehicle with batteries that were fused with silicon nanowires upon the graphite powders. Developments like these are thought to be revolutionary. Since they increase efficiency and increase productivity.

Faster Charging

The turbocharging facility was first commercialized by Tesla and since then, a faster-charging feature has been a must for any 2 or 3 wheeler EV manufacturer. Needless to say, faster charging must come with ease to charge as one must be able to charge their 2/3 wheeler EV easily anywhere.

Focus on power

Speed thrills and is one of the factors which has been attracting 2 and 3 wheeler EV lovers since forever. Power was one of the factors which were gravely questioned whenever we talked about EVs a couple of years ago. But the scenario has completely changed now; high speed and powerful EVs are being developed at a very rapid pace to meet consumer demands. With this new trend of faster EVs, conventional cars and bikes would stand no chance in future.


Materials used for manufacturing Evs are slightly different from what we generally use for conventional cars and bikes. Especially the battery since it’s the most important part of the vehicle and the most unique. Governments around the world are slowly shifting towards EVs as their solution since everyone knows promoting conventional vehicles at this point in time won’t help anyone in future. The latest trend in many countries shows lenient and tax-free norms being introduced for EV manufacturers so that the use of EVs increases rapidly.

We at Delta Autocorp LLP (DELTIC) are forever researching our way ahead to make traveling cost-effective for people using our EVs. Our Electric 2 and 3 wheeler vehicles are powerfully designed to give higher mileage and comfortable ride than anyone else in the market. 


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