Things To Consider While Taking EV Dealership – Delta Auto

Things To Consider While Taking EV Dealership – Delta Auto

The amount of traction the electric vehicle industry has got in the last decade shows great potential and phenomenal growth possibility for any EV-based company in future. Numerous new entrants and almost every other brand are considering launching a two or three wheeler EV to get a piece of what seems like one of the major sectors for automobiles in future. And honestly speaking, in this market, the return on investment for any EV dealership seems quite high at the moment. But all that glitters is not gold. And similarly, one should always think twice before finalizing and choosing to go for an EV dealership. This is because there exist many points that can potentially shatter all your money if not invested correctly. So today, let’s focus on a few points which must be addressed before you finalize to go for an EV dealership.

Points to consider

The ideal manufacturer

Since we are talking about dealerships, the point that choosing the ideal manufacturer for you tops the priority list shouldn’t surprise anyone. This is because a perfect manufacturer must have range of products available at all times, easy avaialability of spare parts  and excellent after sales service to align with your requirements. Someone who wants to achieve a different goal and whose ideas don’t match with yours means nothing. 

A thorough analysis

Understand what the public wants and which type of product is wanted by the masses. This is because the better market analysis you do, your probability of achieving success increases. A business must always draw a path to evaluate its customer base and its demand. Failure to do so will negatively affect you and you will be not able to reach desired sales and numbers.

Future and Legacy

One should invest in company which has been present for quite sometime in the EV market, due to sudden boom there has been lot of companies which are mushrooming daily and even closing down as well. So, identifying a company which can support you in longer term and has clear future path of evolution will be an ideal company to invest. The whole purpose of opening a business is to capitalize on the current and future potential of the industry. What’s the use if the future of company lies uncertain and unrewarding for you?

Things you must have

Enough of the theoretical part, let’s talk numbers. This is because however good the forecast is if you don’t have the correct investment and tools to setup. The dream will forever remain in the wonderland. Let’s discuss what all are needed to have a sustainable EV dealership. 

A showroom

A well serviced and built showroom with around 1200-2000 sq. ft is the requirement if you are trying to search for the perfect real estate. Apart from this you should have a separate workshop area and a bay area too for doubling up this number. Also, remember that your property must lie in an area that is not too costly but also lies near the heart of the city so that you reach out to a large number of people.

Good investment

Buying at least a month or two worth of inventory is a must for you to start. Hence, multiply your numbers accordingly and always keep a room of +- 5% for error. One of the best ways to get this sum is to contact banks for loans or team up with like-minded people who are willing to invest in your dealership.

Cash in hand

Never keep your wallets empty. Always have a minimum of 6-9 months of the total running cost of your dealership in hand extra! This sum includes all the bills, employee wages, and any marketing expenditure you have planned. 


Running a successful EV dealership is no joke. Only the best strategy and calculations will help you survive long in this market. Hence, always do your due diligence and check all numbers twice before starting. For more information about the Delta Autocorp LLP (DELTIC) dealership, contact us via email sales@deltic.co or by support on toll free +91 85306 00278. DELTIC has presence of Authorised dealers across India.

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