Growth of Electric Vehicles Startups in India

April 06, 2023

In contemporary India, many startups have come up as the vanguard of ecology, social equity, etc. This is the bright side of a new world that is being led by young minds who are leading themselves to the pinnacle of success while caring deeply about the ‘people’s problems’. And this is the goodness in the modernization as it is happening, not just modernization, sustainable modernization should be the term. What is sustainable modernization? While sustainability surely is a path of development that can’t be ignored, there is no concrete structure defining this pathway. Proponents of a “Green Economy,” for instance, regard economic growth as a prerequisite for sustainable development and advocate a modernization of society, which implies moderate adjustments toward a sustainable economy within the current institutional framework. Critics of this ecological modernization approach see the imperative of economic growth as an obstacle for sustainable development and instead support a fundamental transformation of society. Yes, we are overcrowded with different sorts of problems, but at the same time, there is a constant effort to find out the best solution for each and every problem. Not only to find the best solution but to find the most optimum and long-lasting solution, while doing the least damage to the concerned stakeholders of all kinds.

Hence sustainability is the major issue today and we are on the verge to find out permanent solutions to the latest problems. A problem that has haunted us for more than 3 decades is non-renewable resources like petroleum and diesel. However today we have found out a solution to that also in the form of electric vehicles (e-mobility).

Although as per the current scenario there are lesser companies in the market producing electric vehicles as compared to any other petrol or diesel vehicle. There are many companies in the market trying to explore every beneficial aspect of this particular field. For the good, this segment of battery-operated vehicles is not being dominated by existing automobile giants.

Startups like Deltic have emerged in India in the e-vehicles segment with an electric vehicle dealership network across India. Deltic a unit of Delta Autocorp LLP is formed with a mission to communicate the message of e-mobility to every nook and corner of this vast country like India. Deltic focuses to spread the benefits of e-mobility to every small household in rural India. These startups with a fairly different scope have shown a completely new way to the thought process of e-mobility. They not only have opened doors to a new pathway but have also shown that this field is equally researchable and robust. These startups have their own social cause and their own responsibility which makes it all the more prominent.


If we look into Deltic, the unimaginable network of 300 dealers across India the company has established is a sheer reflection of a brighter future. In 2-3 years, it is inspiring to see the way this startup has penetrated the market while taking up sustainable modernization as an issue and dominate an over-competitive market. An example has been set for other entrepreneurs and modernists to not chase profits only, more golden future can be built otherwise. 


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