Deltic E-scooter - The Best E-scooter in India

April 06, 2023

Recently, a Bengaluru (Bangalore) based market research firm found that Deltic E-scooter is the most loved e-scooter across India in its range. The survey was conducted across 18 states in India on different parameters like performance, design, strength, maintenance, price, etc. E-scooter has become the people’s choice e-scooter - gaining the attention of the customers and dealers/distributors, both.

Great design, zero-maintenance-robustness and the most effective performance in the range - a few of the many reasons how Deltic E-scooter has established itself as the electric scooter in the market. We as Deltic - a unit of Delta Autocorp LLP dreamt to build a people’s e-vehicle (battery operated) which could be loved and accepted by the entire country, especially the old India: E-scooter has overwhelmed us with the response.

But we won’t celebrate the above 3 parameters only, it is the overall engineering and designing which have been iterated at least 4 times before getting conceptualized as E-scooter that makes it possible! Even something as minute as the aerodynamic shape has been chosen after finalizing the perfect curve that could decrease the air resistance while maintaining the looks.

E-scooter is created to be a part of the lives of everyone from the young ones to the elderly - people’s electric vehicle as it has been termed. It has been designed carefully after extensive research and the end product crosses all expectations and benchmarks when it comes to design. The e-scooter has been crafted in such a way that it is bound to grab the spotlight on the road or when it's parked. The design is contemporary and reflects modernity in every sense while maintaining the inner strength of the structure to run perfectly on the Indian roads. ‘Engineered in India and engineered for India’, as media has been terming Deltic.

E-scooter has been developed under the supervision of expert minds and intensive research and development. A big focus was on the new technology used in our headlamps that makes your drive safer by providing you more visible range while traveling in the dark. In addition to that, a longer telescopic suspension gives you the smoothest ride on the road. Lastly, superior safety alloy wheels provide a balanced weight distribution for a smooth journey. Beyond the engineering, the design had been a major concern and hence Deltic E-scooter comes in different shades of colors.

Also, Delta Autocorp LLP believes in one fundamental always - a sustainable modernization dedicated team of highly skilled individuals have made these vehicles with advanced technology and hence our e-vehicles like E-scooter come to garage with low maintenance, zero-emission, and infinite savings. Constant efforts are put to better the techniques and optimize the processes.

The best part is the response from the 300 dealers and distributors of Deltic across India, the sales of Deltic E-scooter has dramatically influenced the revenue and profits made by the dealership network in the past 6 months. Every dealer of e-scooters (electric vehicles) is booking the E-scooter inventory in bulk and we feel proud of delivering on the expectations. Our dealers and distributors are a part of our family - the Deltic family and we strive to constantly perform for mutual growth. We pledge to never stop and upgrade E-scooter while building the electric vehicles of tomorrow.



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