Delta Autocorp LLP celebrates 5 Years of Engineering Excellence through Deltic

November 02, 2022

Delta Autocorp LLP (DELTIC) is a leading manufacturer of alternative fuel vehicles specializing in electric vehicles which has been shaping mobility for next generation since last five years. On its fifth anniversary Deltic has announced that it will be launching 2 more Electric Scooters and 1 variant of Electric Auto to add it to its ever-growing portfolio of products and fulfil the growing demand for its product.

The company currently has presence in more than 20+ states of India and a dealership base of more than 150+ dealers. The company currently has 4 variants of Electric Scooter, 3 variants of Electric Rickshaw, 1 variant of each Electric Loader and Electric Garbage Van.

Ankit Agarwal, Founder & CEO remarked, “Considering the current steep rise in fuel prices, government push for EV revolution in India coupled with various state government schemes, there is huge opportunity to accelerate growth further.

He further added that we expect to clock a sale of 15,000 E-Scooter and 5000 E-Rickshaw and extend our dealer base to exceed 250 by early this year. We are also grateful to our partners who have helped us grow over the years”.

Deltic Star Rickshaw a battery-operated three-wheeler has a potential of 25% more mileage than any other E-rickshaw in the country on the road. It runs 125 km in a single charge on standard driving conditions.

Deltic’s Electric Scooter have been designed to make ride easy and comfortable in the traffic and the end product crosses all expectations and benchmarks when it comes to comfort, design and maintenance cost.

Deltic’s flagship e-scooter DRIXX can run up to a mileage of 90 - 100 Kms in a single charge at standard driving conditions, it comes with Lithium Ion batteries that are portable.

Deltic’s long-standing collaboration with pioneers in battery manufacturing- Ipower Batteries Pvt Ltd for its e-scooter are tailor made to provide a long range and warranty of upto 3 years on the batteries which is the maximum any Indian battery manufacturer has achieved so far. The company also continues to work on providing tailor made batteries for a range of Deltic’s vehicles, soon to be launched.

Delta Auto Corp continues to invest their creativity in designing and manufacturing electric vehicles that are sturdy, long-lasting, low-maintenance and affordable. The e-vehicles have been manufactured using sophisticated and superior quality components that make them efficient and reliable.

To a greener future.