Deltic's Dealers - Stories of Mr Ram, Uttar Pradesh e-rickshaw dealer

October 16, 2022

Electric vehicles dealership has emerged as one of the best investment opportunities in contemporary India as it is economic, promising, and comes with heavy returns without requiring a lot of push-marketing. A new avenue to be in, the dealerships in this segment are not only flourishing today but would be gigantic resources of tomorrow if the investment is made in the right brand. A growing market, new names and brands have established themselves as market leaders. Our Deltic - A Unit of Delta Autocorp LLP itself is a fine example for the same, 4 years in business and we have established ourselves as one of the highest-selling e-rickshaw manufacturers with our state of the art design and engineering, the electric vehicle’s brand which is engineered in India and engineered for India. Deltic is already in the market of e-bikes and e-scooters with a great start-off while planning to launch e-loaders, e-autos, etc.

The goal of Deltic is to become the market leader in the segment of electric vehicles and every day we are closing on our dream, step by step. Deltic doesn’t only believe in personal success but the success of all its dealers and the satisfaction of the customers. We feel happy that we could touch 30,000+ lives so far and a base of 300 dealers with a major stronghold in 15 states of India - especially focusing on rural India at the beginning as the motto of the company is, “India First”.

Mr. Ram Kumar - a Deltic E-rickshaw Dealer in Uttar Pradesh

We will like to share the story of Mr. Ram Kumar, a dealer of ours in Uttar Pradesh who invested in the Deltic e-rickshaw dealership 3 years ago, and currently, he also owns a dealership of e-bikes and scooters. Mr. Ram is from eastern Uttar Pradesh and he had been doing a job for the past 5 years while saving to own a business of his own someday. Ultimately he ended up with a total of INR 12 lakh and had been in a huge dilemma as the money didn’t seem enough to begin with a good business and he didn’t want to take a loan considering the risk and his family which is fully dependent on him. Almost dropping off the idea of a business Mr. Ram bumped into a Deltic dealership in Bihar as he was traveling around to figure out something.

Upon enquiring, he got to know about Deltic electric vehicles dealership where brand-fees (money charged by brands just to own the brand tag) is null with minor advance security to be paid, and the rest of the investments go in getting inventory and marketing collateral. It all cost nearly INR 10-15 lakh. Mr. Ram got amazed about this deal. He knew that the toto (e-rickshaw) business was booming while no big brand is dominating the market. He went through other options to invest in to but the fact that Deltic is a corporate company headquartered in Delhi with its management at the city level across all the states made him consider the brand against other local brands. Though Mr. Ram tried to explore known automobile brands also but the brand fees itself were above INR 30 lakh and that sounded like a joke to him.

Mr. Ram got convinced and contacted Deltic and he was connected with the Area Manager, Mr. Sharma, within a week. Mr. Sharma helped Mr. Ram with all the processes and even told him about the financing-support Deltic provides if needed.

By the next month, Mr. Ram had his dealership up and running. He saved on the real estate investment as he figured out a place in his relations and anyways Deltic electric vehicles dealership doesn’t require a very large area, around 500-1000 sq ft is good to go. He also made an acquaintance the manager of the place as he continued with his job and started visiting the dealership in the morning and evening. An activated market made him focus less on hard sales but intelligently figure out ways to generate better outreach in the market. He extensively used the company’s branding collateral especially created for his area, local marketing targeting, to establish why Deltic is different like how Deltic’s e-rickshaw drivers earn INR 1,08,000 more than the local toto drivers. Gradually the sales started picking pace and within 1 year Mr. Ram Kumar could figure out that he has made the right investment. Breaking even and ready to expand, Mr. Ram Kumar left his job to focus full-time on the business. 100 km away he opened a new unit of his dealership and started doing extensive marketing in the areas around.

2 years down the lane he applied for the dealership of e-scooters and e-bikes also, opening a separate new dealership at a premium location that could be friendly to the customers and be more sophisticated as per the consumer market. As per his expectations, the new dealership started doing good as well. Everyone had been showing skepticism that e-scooter and e-bikes segment is highly saturated with both non-branded and branded presence but Mr. Ram knew that the way Deltic approaches the market with its customized engineering and design while providing premium services and taking care of its dealer family, his dealership and Deltic’s overall national sales will pick up and the same happened. Funnily, the dealers of other brands who had been laughing at Mr. Ram started asking him how to apply for a Deltic’s dealership.

Mr. Ram has become one of the best performing Deltic dealers. He also went for a Thailand trip with his family as rewarded by the company for his good work. Mr. Ram is not just another successful businessman today but an inspiration to the Deltic family. His story which began with humble beginnings saw days of fulfillment and contentment with sheer hard-work.

We feel proud of being the reason for so many smiles and stories of today’s job creators who had started their businesses while trusting in our brand and rest is history. To Deltic family, to our e-vehicle dealers and dealership network, to coming stories.



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