Franchise Business and Electric Vehicles Dealership in India

April 06, 2023

Starting a franchise business in India is new and already saturated. What do we mean by this? Well, a decade ago franchise was an exclusive investment, meant to own franchises/dealerships of very well known brands demanding a huge chunk of money while franchisors (the ones who own the brand) used to have many prospective franchisees approaching them while trying to fulfill the parameters provided by the franchisors. Now the games have changed within a decade with a plethora of new and promising market opportunities and an investor-friendly ecosystem where the investors are choosing where they want to invest in. Franchise business in India has taken newer turns especially after Franchise India which helped newer brands to receive recognition and the people who were looking forward to investing in a business for the first time by owning a franchise.

It has come to a level where it is becoming more confusing than ever, with more brands and more options the normal investor loses the point of focus with respect to a particular industry or investment money, etc. But if we follow the recent trends, the successful investors have intelligently figured out certain industries that look more promising because of their traditional nature or stability, or it could be the promising offerings it reflects. A few of the highlighted industries in the contemporary market are Education and Automobile. If with the right brands with promising numbers, the returns are sure. Investing in random fancy ideas with major return prospects has been a lost bet in the long-term for most of the investors.

Electric vehicles have emerged as one of the best shots in the market because of obvious reasons. Normal fuel vehicles are to die without any doubts and the same big names which controlled the previous markets have been overpowered by new names already. Delta Autocorp LLP - Deltic has already proven the same in the e-rickshaw segment. With its pan-India electric rickshaw dealership network, Deltic has already emerged as a market leader while charging with its e-scooters next. The beauty of the franchise business in this segment is in its low-cost investment model with a confirmed return on investment. Since the market is rather new, good brands like Deltic - a unit of Delta Autocorp LLP are coming at a very affordable cost. Within 10-15 lakh of investment, one can become business-ready in a month while having a scope for breaking even within 1 year. The automotive nature of this industry is another plus point as one is required to focus on marketing more than sitting down in the dealership store.

Even without any experience in the business, many franchisees in the market are doing more than good. Taking the case of Delta Autocorp LLP, electric vehicle dealers have been making huge profits while owning a tension and risk-free business. The better part is the technical strength of the company which makes it easy for the dealers of e-scooters as they focus on sales and marketing while not caring much about the servicing because of a bad product.

Nearly 30,000 lives have been impacted by Deltic with its electric vehicles dealership (e-rickshaw dealership and e-bike dealership) with a nationally strong network of 300 dealers who are loving the ownership of their own business as a franchise or dealership owner and receiving high returns.

Education is another choice that stays optimistic in an evergreen way but here the bias is that associating with new brands is very risky. And with obvious reasons, renowned brands come with heavy costs. So the electric vehicles dealership like e-rickshaw dealership and e-bikes dealership (or e-scooter dealership) have emerged as the better option. Anyways, whatever you plan and wherever you try to put your hard-earned money as an investor, please go through numbers and understand the details while being very aware of your own condition and requirements. Get done with analyzing the vision and expectations first, deeply. Then look for the industry and finally the right players.




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